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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
1. Main Focus: Viet Nam: Gender Equity & Mainstreaming, Governance & Capacity development, Private sector development
TA-6734 VIE: Public–Private Partnerships, Private Sector Development, and State-Owned Enterprise Reform - Women-focused Research and Capacity Building (54445-001)
Viet Nam
2. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Education Technology, Teacher Development
Feasibility and scoping study: Education Technology for better Teacher Development – Bangladesh
3. Main Focus: Lebanon: Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Protection
Third Party Monitoring of the Lebanon Social Protection Projects for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese Population
4. Main Focus: Bhutan: International Trade, SME & Private Sector
Technical Assistance for Bhutan’s Economic Recovery post COVID19
5. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Livestock, Agricultural markets, Commercialization and Agri-business, Public Administration
Consulting Services for Agro Business Planning, Technologies and Marketing Advice and Implementation Support under Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP) [Package No: DLS/ LDDP/ S-67]
6. Main Focus: Indonesia: EU-Indonesia Free Trade Agreement & Investment relations
Support to EU Market Access in Indonesia through Negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement, and the Market Access Strategy
7. Main Focus: Tanzania: Agriculture, Media and Communications
Communication and Visibility of the AGRI-CONNECT Programme – Tanzania
8. Main Focus: Iraq: Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation
Third-Party Monitoring Service for Iraq in the Domain of Civil Society/Human Rights, Anti-corruption, Education and Local Governance
9. Main Focus: Turkey: Supporting CSOs, Monitoring & Evaluation
Mid-Term Evaluation of EU Support to Third parties provided under Civil Society Facility in Turkey
10. Main Focus: Cambodia: Social Protection, Review & Assessment
External Assessment of Cambodia's Social Protection Sector policy
11. Main Focus: South Africa: Gender Analysis, Gender mainstreaming, Gender equality
Drafting of the Gender Action Plan Country Level Implementation Plan and of a Gender Analysis of the Green and Digital Sectors in South Africa
South Africa
12. Main Focus: Pakistan: Education & TVET, Tracer Study
Tracer Study of "Support to the TVET Sector in Pakistan" Project (TVET III)
13. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Gender, Climate Change, Urban Planning
TA-9660 REG: Promoting Transformative Gender Equality Agenda in Asia and the Pacific - UCCRTF Subproject: National Consulting Firm - Bangladesh (52214-001)
14. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Job creation, Employment and Entrepreneurship, TVET and Labour market
Study for the Assessment of the EU and EU Member States potential support in Job Creation in Ethiopia
15. Main Focus: Ethiopia: EU Green Deal, Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy
Analysis and Pre-identification of an EU Framework Support Programme to Ethiopia in the Green Deal Sector
16. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Rohingya response management, Monitoring & Evaluation
Assessment of Rohingya Refugee Responses Management in Bangladesh
17. Main Focus: Philippines: Public Private Partnership (PPP), Project Performance Monitoring & Restructuring, Capacity building
TA-9290 REG: Strengthening Project Preparation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific - Support for Ongoing Monitoring and Project Restructuring (Subproject 2) - #3 PHI: BCDA Project Monitoring (Firm) (49407-003)
18. Main Focus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan, Regional, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan: Health Security and Health Systems Strengthening, COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response
TA-6535 REG: Addressing Health Threats in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries and the Caucasus – Health Security and Health Systems Strengthening (54124-001)
Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan, Regional, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
19. Main Focus: Indonesia: Programme Implementation, Construction Supervision
Consulting Services for Programme Implementation for Hospital Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Makassar, Indonesia
20. Main Focus: Nigeria: Monitoring & Evaluation, Anti-Corruption, Law
Mid-term Evaluation of the 'Support to Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC)' Programme" in Nigeria