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Projects By Country

1. Main Focus: Afghanistan: Public Health and Nutrition
Evaluation of DCI-ASIE/2010/21-730- Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector
2. Main Focus: Afghanistan: Training, Law
Training and Capacity Building for the Attorney General's Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
3. Main Focus: Afghanistan: Anti-corruption, Governance, Rule of Law, Human Rights and Justice Sector Reform
Technical Assistance to the Attorney General's Office for the preparation of the Five-years Reform Strategy- Afghanistan
4. Main Focus: Afghanistan: Sustainable Economic Growth and Job creation
Study on policy and programming options to promote sustainable economic growth and job creation in Afghanistan
1. Main Focus: Albania: Property Rights, Land Management services, IT network & security, IT Infrastructure
Short term Support for the State Cadastre Agency of Albania
1. Main Focus: Armenia: Green/climate Conversion Growth and Sustainable Development
Support Programming of Future EU funded Actions in the field of Green/Climate change growth and Sustainable Development in Armenia
2. Main Focus: Armenia: Civil Society & NGOs, Decentralization & Local Development
Civil Society and Local Authorities (CSO-LA) in Development Programme Monitoring in Armenia 2018-2019
3. Main Focus: Armenia: Protection of Human rights
Review of Sector Reform Contract support to Human Rights Protection in Armenia
1. Main Focus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan, Regional, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan: Health Security and Health Systems Strengthening, COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response
TA-6535 REG: Addressing Health Threats in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries and the Caucasus – Health Security and Health Systems Strengthening (54124-001)
1. Main Focus: Asia and Africa: International Response to the Avian Influenza (Ai) Crisis-GRAI-covering seven countries in Asia and Africa.
Outcome and impact assessment (Asia) of the international response to the avian influenza (AI) crisis
1. Main Focus: Azerbaijan: Business Climate, Economic Diversification, Economic Relations
Azerbaijan Business Forum project
2. Main Focus: Azerbaijan: Justice Reform, Law
Supporting the Government of Azerbaijan in preparation for implementation of the Annual Action Programme 2016 via Modernization of mediation system in line with EU best practices
3. Main Focus: Azerbaijan: Capacity, quality & inclusiveness Education and Education Statistics
Support to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan in strengthening capacity of NQF Secretariat and Education Statistics - Azerbaijan
1. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Fund Management, Capacity Building of CSOs
Nagorikata - Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) Project
2. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Emergency Management Response, Urban Planning and Development, Development of Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS)
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Urban Resilience Project (URP) for the Ministry of Planning (Planning Commission/Programming Division/Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit)
3. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity Development, Urban Primary Health care services, Climate change
Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project-Additional Financing (UPHCSDP-AF) - Strengthening of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) [Package/Contract Number: SD-01]
4. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Post-industrial waste, Circular economy, RMG industry
Consultancy Services for Formalizing Informal “Jhut” Sector with Revisiting its Social Standards under Sustainability in the Textile and Leather Sector (STILE) Project
5. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Livestock, Agricultural markets, Commercialization and Agri-business, Public Administration
Consulting Services for Agro Business Planning, Technologies and Marketing Advice and Implementation Support under Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP) [Package No: DLS/ LDDP/ S-67]
6. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health facilities Strengthening, Equipment Procurement and Technology Transfer
Strengthening of Diagnostic Imaging System Of 7 Division Medical College Hospital - Consulting Service for Maternal, Neonatal Child Health (MNCH) and Health System Improvement Project – Bangladesh
7. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Agricultural Research, Impact Assessment
Impact Assessment of Salt tolerant potato and Sweet potato Production for Strengthening Food System Resilience in Bangladesh
8. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Water Resources Planning and Management, Socio-Economic survey
TA-6834 BAN: Support to Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management Project – Additional Financing – Firm Consulting Firm (34418-024)
9. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Migration, TVET, Poverty alleviation, Livelihoods and social security
Urban Management of Internal Migration Due to Climate Change (UMIMCC) Project for Assessments and Development of Employment-Oriented training and Vocational Training Programmes and Entrepreneurship trainings
10. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Gender, Climate Change, Urban Planning
TA-9660 REG: Promoting Transformative Gender Equality Agenda in Asia and the Pacific - UCCRTF Subproject: National Consulting Firm - Bangladesh (52214-001)
11. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Education Technology, Teacher Development
Feasibility and scoping study: Education Technology for better Teacher Development – Bangladesh
12. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Rohingya response management, Monitoring & Evaluation
Assessment of Rohingya Refugee Responses Management in Bangladesh
13. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Diversification Financing
Small and Marginal Sized Farmers Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Diversification Financing Project
14. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Health and Nutrition
Technical Assistance (TA) to the MoHFW and to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperative for Urban Health and Nutrition in Bangladesh
15. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Monitoring & Evaluation, Education (Primary/Non-formal primary education)
Ex-post evaluation of SHARE (Supporting the Hardest to Reach through Basic Education) Programme in Bangladesh
16. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Corporate governance, Financial supervisory, Financial regulatory, Risk management
Consultancy Services of Supervision Specialist (International) Firm under Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP) in order to Review, Consolidate and Streamline the Supervisory Activities of Bangladesh Bank with Specific Emphasis on Risk-based supervision
17. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Environment & NRM, Pollution & Waste Management
Study on Air pollution in Dhaka and Opportunities for Cost-effective Control Solutions
18. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Mainstreaming Disability, Social Inclusion and Protection, Inclusive Development
Situation Analysis: Scope and Feasibility for Mainstreaming Disability into all Relevant sectors
19. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health facility, Medical Equipment Procurement
Develop Generic Technical Specifications of WB (Health SWAP Pool) to Support the MOHFW with the Procurement of Medical Equipment under Fourth Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Program (4th HPNSP)
20. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Environment & NRM, Industry, Commerce & Services, Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Promoting Sustainable Building in Bangladesh
21. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Human rights - Children and Adolescent Rights
Identification and Formulation of Children and Adolescent Rights Programme for Bangladesh
22. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity building of Chittagong Port Authority
Strengthening the Chittagong Port Authority Training Institute (CPATI)
23. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Sundarban / Forest Management
Sundarban Management Project in Bangladesh (SMP)
24. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Mobility Improvement of Disabled People
Study for Disabled People’s Mobility Improvement-Consultancy Services for DSCC & DNCC Component of Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) Project (AF)
25. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Blue / Marine Economy
EU-BGD Joint Collaboration on Blue Economy
26. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health System & Health Equipment Assessment and Health Human Resource Development
Study on the Situation Analysis of Facility and Equipment Condition and Human Resources for Health at Selected Health Facilities and Community Activities for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Control in Bangladesh under the Data Collection Survey for Health Service Strengthening Project
27. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Public and Environmental Health, SWP
Urban Public and Environmental Health Sector Development Program: Package-A (Program Support Consultancy) in Bangladesh”
28. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Security Programme
Ex-post Evaluation of the Food Security Programme 2006 in Bangladesh
29. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security
Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) – Bangladesh Project: Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security
30. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Education & Skills Programme
Identification and Formulation of Education & Skills programme in Bangladesh
31. Main Focus: Bangladesh: TVET Reform
Final Evaluation of The Project TVET Reform in Bangladesh
32. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Finance Safety Retrofits and Environmental Cpmpliance in Bangladesh RMG sector
TA-accompanying measure – Finance Safety Retrofits and Environmental Upgrades in the Bangladeshi Ready-Made garment (RMG) Sector
33. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Disability
Asia-Pacific Development Center On Disability (APCD) Project: Phase 1 & 2
34. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Climate Change – Support for the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Developing a National Implementing Entity (NIE) for Bangladesh
35. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Climate Finance Readiness Support Program
Climate Finance Readiness Support Program
36. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Strategy on Alternative Medical Care (AMC)
Supporting Implementation of HPNSDP: Technical Assistance for Developing National Strategy on Alternative Medical Care (AMC).
37. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Human Rights, civil society Activities
Evaluation of EIDHR CBSS Projects in Bangladesh from budget 2006 to 2012
38. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health
Supporting Implementation of HPNSDP: A Preparatory Survey on Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Improvement Project in Bangladesh
39. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Protecting Children from violence
Protecting Children from violence: A comprehensive evaluation of UNICEF's strategies and programme performance in Bangladesh.
40. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Supporting Implementation of the Climate Change Strategy
Supporting Implementation of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (Subproject-2).
41. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Civil Society Mapping
Civil Society Mapping and Recommendations for EU Future Engagements.
42. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Fiduciary Risk, Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA)
Fiduciary Risk Assessments (FRA) and Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Consultancy
43. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Political Economy Analysis
A Country-wide Political Economy Analysis for Bangladesh: Governance and Home Affairs.
44. Main Focus: Bangladesh: National Health, Nutrition, Population, SWP
Completion/ex-post Evaluation of decision ASIE/2005/017-585- EC - Support to the national Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme
45. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Vulnerable Group Development, Ultra-Poor Programme
Ex Post Evaluation of Vulnerable Group Development for Ultra-Poor (VGDUP) Programme.
46. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Primary and Non-Formal Education
UNIQUE (a major EC funded Project) Baseline Study for Non formal education , Primary education and Out of School Children.
47. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Technical Vocational Education & Training-TVET
Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Mapping and Needs Assessment Study
48. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Poverty reduction, capacity building, Network building involving NSAs
Assessment of NSA call for Proposals 132-199.
49. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Informal Economy, Urban Poverty, Child Labour
Documentation on the Urban Informal Economy Project of ILO by profiling implementation modality of seven key project components for elimination of child labour from urban informal sector.
50. Main Focus: Bangladesh: A secondary review based sector study on Jute
A Secondary Review based Study on Jute Sector of Bangladesh
51. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Analysis of the Trend and Country Responses to Child Labour and Way Forwards
Country Response to Child Labour and Way Forwards
52. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity analysis of Dhaka City Corporation to implement a major child labour project
Capacity Needs Assessment of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC).
53. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
Comparative assessment of EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
54. Main Focus: Bangladesh: UNCRC article specific national child protection monitoring system designing.
Assessment of Feasibility of Management Information System and establishment of Child Protection IMS and M&E under the Department of Social Services (DSS), Ministry of Social Welfare (MSW)
55. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Non-formal Primary Education
Mid-term review of ongoing and formulation of future non-formal primary education programme in Bangladesh
56. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Project proposals assessment: SMILING programme
Assess project proposals submitted in response to the second EC Call for Proposals under Small Initiatives by Local Innovative NGOs (SMILING) programme.
57. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC Education Support: Secondary Education
Sector Review and Identification Mission for Secondary Education EC Education Support under MIP 2009-2010 in Bangladesh
58. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Security
Formulation of EC Food Security Programme 2009 in Bangladesh.
59. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Primary Education in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)
Formulation and Evaluation Mission of Support to Primary Education in Chittagong Hill Tracts – Phase II
60. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour Monitoring System
Resource Mapping and Situational Analysis for Development of a National Child Labour Monitoring System
61. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Environment and Public Health Care
Preparing the Urban Primary Health Care Sector Development Program in Bangladesh.
62. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Bangladesh Labour Assessment
Second Phase of Analytical Work: The Role of Labor in the Foreign Assistance Framework, Bangladesh Labor Assessment.
63. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Corporate Governance
Assessment of the Corporate Governance Strengthening Project (CGSP).
64. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Forced/Child Labour in the Production of Goods
In-country Research and Data Collection on Forced Labor and/or Child labor in the Production of Goods in Bangladesh.
65. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC assistance to the health sector
Evaluation of EC support to health sector policy development and the fight against poverty related diseases.
66. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Hazardous Child Labour and its Effects
A Validation Study on the Nature of Effects on the Children Employed in the Hazardous Sectors of Bangladesh
67. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Safety
Improving Food Safety in Bangladesh– Appraisal of a project concept developed by FAO in collaboration with the relevant ministries
68. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Sales and Distribution System of Public Health Products
The Development of Sales & Distribution Strategy of SMC
69. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) in Urban Informal Economy (UIE)
The roles and responsibilities of DCC and LGRD&C as ILO’s primary partner in the Urban Informal Economy (UIE)
70. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Social Safety Nets Programmes
Survey on Social Safety Nets under Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) Project in Bangladesh
71. Main Focus: Bangladesh: National Food Policy
Mid-Term-Review of the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP)
72. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) System of a Nationwide NFE and Child Labour Project
Design Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) System for BEHTRUWC Project’s 2nd Phase
73. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Various Children’s and Health Issues
Preparing summaries of 60+ major reports of studies, evaluations, surveys, etc. of UNICEF-BCO
74. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Various Children’s and Health Issues
Application of Marker Development Approach (commercial aspects and private sector roles) to the Health Care Sector of Bangladesh
75. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Sexual and reproductive health, gender support activities and issues related to youth and adolescent.
Final Evaluation of the RHIYA (EU/UNFPA Reproductive Health Initiative for Youths in Asia) Project of FPAB (Family Planning Association of Bangladesh).
76. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Micro Credit based Income Generating Activities (IGA)
Study for a systematic compilation of compendium of micro-credit providers within Dhaka City.
77. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Worst Form of Child Labour (WFCL)
A research/ study for understanding the perceptions about WFCL that are held by leaders and decision makers in the public and private sectors of Bangladesh and how these may affect policy reform
78. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Child Labour
Impact Assessment Study on Non-Formal Education Activities of Dutch-funded ILO-IPEC (pilot) Project (First Phase)
79. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Reproductive Health (RH), Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, and Gender Issues
Baseline Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) of Tea Plantation Workers in Sylhet Division on Reproductive Health (RH), Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Right, and Gender Issues
80. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Community Development
Final Evaluation of Urban Community Development Project (UCDP)–Rangpur
81. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) in Bidi Sector
Impact Assessment Study in the Bidi Sector for Prevention and Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Selected Formal and Informal Sectors in Bangladesh (BGD/00/P50/USA).
82. Main Focus: Bangladesh: NGO contracting models in the health sector
An Evaluation of NGO Contracting in Bangladesh: contracting NGOs for the delivery of health services.
83. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health Management
Second Urban Primary Health Care Project in Bangladesh (a TA Project of ADB)
84. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Income Generation for Vulnerable Group Development (IGVGD)
Review of the BRAC/CFPR Income Generating Vulnerable Group Development Programme
85. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Non-formal Education (NFE)
The NFE-2 Project Completion Report (an in-depth assessment of NFE-2)
86. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health Sector Labour Market
Health Sector Labour Market Study.
87. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Community Health Care
An Evaluation and Survey in the Amcross Supported Community Health Care Project of BDRCS
88. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Micro Health Insurance
Micro Health Insurance for Poor Rural Women in Bangladesh (MHIB)
89. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Reproductive Health (RH)
A Post Intervention KAP Study and Final Evaluation of FPAB-EC/UNFPA Reproductive Health Initiative-RHI Project.
90. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Reproductive Health (RH) care, in particular that of clinic-based RH services
An Investigative Undertaking towards Designing Sustainability Strategies for the Reproductive Health Initiative-RHI Projects/Partners of EC/UNFPA.
91. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Reproductive Health and Childcare
A Pre-Intervention Study to measure the Baseline Status of Quality of Care Issues and Users’ Satisfaction with Services Provided at MCH Centres of BDRCS within Dhaka Division.
92. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Primary and Non-formal Education (NFE)
A Baseline Study to Measure the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Various Participants in the Quality Promotional Activities of Primary Education programs under the IDEAL and BEHTRUC Projects of UNICEF and Bangladesh Government
93. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Hazardous Child Labour, Education, and Occupational Health
Situational Assessment and Mapping of the Children Working in the Selected Hazardous Occupations in Six Divisional Cities in Bangladesh
94. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour and Basic Education
Coding, Entry, and Analysis of Data Collected from the Completed BEHTRUC Survey Forms of 5 Cities for Preparing an Analytical Report
95. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Rights and Health
Assessment of the Status of Children in the Brothels of Bangladesh in the light of UNCRC
96. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Micro-finance
Cross-evaluation of EC financed projects involving micro-credit in Bangladesh.
97. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Rights and Health
Baseline Survey for the project titled
98. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Maternal Mortality and Violence Against Women
Designing Baseline Study, Regular Monitoring System, Midterm Evaluation Study, and Impact Evaluation Study for a nationwide multimedia campaign program.
99. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health: Legal Support
Legal consultancy to the ORBIS International Bangladesh Office.
100. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Children's Issues and Health
Partnership for Providing Regular Technical Assistance
101. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Flood Impacts on NGO Activities related to establishment of democracy
A Rapid Assessment of Flood Impacts on the Democracy Partnership Partners and their Program Activities.
102. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Reproductive Health and Community Level Health Education
Technical Assistance (TA) in developing concept papers and research protocols.
103. Main Focus: Bangladesh: NGO activities and Human Development
Role of NGOs in Bangladesh: contribution to sustainable human development
104. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Underprivileged Children's Education and Employment
Tracer Study for the graduates of UCEP Technical School in Chittagong
105. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Gender, Micro-credit, Health, Education, and Environment
Pre-funding evaluation/appraisal of a Bangladeshi NGO, namely, Gana Unnyan Kendra (GUK).
106. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health and Family Planning: Legal and Management Compliance Audit
Legal and Management Compliance audit of AVSC Bangladesh
107. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Women Development and Democracy Promotion
Technical Assistance (TA) in developing new project proposal and a set of concept papers.
108. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Community Health
The Role and Status of Rural Medical Practitioners in Bangladesh
109. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Gender, Health, Governance, Environment, and Education
Evaluation of Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)
110. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Local Governance and Health
An Assessment of the functional effectiveness of Thana Project Committee.
111. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Job-market of UCEP technical school graduates
Tracer Study and Job-market Situation analysis of the UCEP technical school leavers.
112. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Population, AIDS, and Child Health
Project formulation studies on Population, AIDS, and Child Health.
113. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Handicrafts
Management Development Assessment (MDA) and Performance Evaluation Study of EDM Supported Handicrafts Project.
114. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Handicrafts
Workshop on Post-Evaluation Vision Exercise Workshop for the EDM-Supported Handicrafts Project Staff.
115. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Final Management and Performance Evaluation of two EDM supported Boys' Homes
116. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Rural Development
Mid-term Management and Community Level Impacts evaluation study of the Shaturia Integrated Rural Development Program
117. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Mid-term Management and Performance Evaluation Study of two EDM supported Boys' Homes.
118. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Follow-up study of mid-term Management and Performance Evaluation of two EDM Supported Boys' Homes.
119. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health: Legal and Management Support
Legal and Management Services for Registration of Engender Health, former AVSC International.
120. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Security, Nutritional health & Rural Poverty
"Formulation of Food Security 2012 Bangladesh Programme"-Bangladesh
121. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour, Basic Education, Technical & Vocational Education
Designing Action Program Summary Outlines (APSO) on preparation for formal education and skills development training and raising awareness that aims to reduce hazardous child labour in urban informal sectors in a sustainable manner.
1. Main Focus: Asia Region: Food Security, Agriculture and Value chain
TA-9218 REG: Agriculture Market Specialist (50058-001) [Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan]
1. Main Focus: Belarus: Development of Green Economy
Final Evaluation of Two Operations of The Programme
1. Main Focus: Belgium: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security-Global Call
Support to Evaluation of the Call for Proposals EuropeAid/xxx/C/ACT/Multi-launched in May 2009 under the Food Facility Regulation.
1. Main Focus: Bhutan: International Trade, SME & Private Sector
Technical Assistance for Bhutan’s Economic Recovery post COVID19
1. Main Focus: B&H: Human Rights, Democracy
Evaluation of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Country Based Support Schemes (CBSS) 2011-2014
1. Main Focus: Burundi: Cross Border Social, Economic & Commercial Activities
Identification and Formulation Missions of EU Intervention In Securing Cross Border Social, Economic And Commercial Activities in the Great Lakes Region (DRC, Rwanda & Burundi).
1. Main Focus: Cambodia: Social Protection, Review & Assessment
External Assessment of Cambodia's Social Protection Sector policy
2. Main Focus: Cambodia: Strategic Planning for Fisheries (SPF)
Environmental Assessment of the Strategic Planning Framework for Fisheries (SPF)- Cambodia
3. Main Focus: Cambodia: SMEs in the Agro Industry Sector
Evaluation of the EU-IFC Programme for the Development of SMEs in the Agro Industry Sector in Cambodia
4. Main Focus: Cambodia: Livestock Production, Livelihoods & Rural Development
Post-evaluation of the Smallholder Livestock Production Program (SLPP) in Cambodia
1. Main Focus: Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar: Health security, Mobile & Migrant population health, Communicable disease control, and Health systems strengthening
TA-9723 REG: Support for Human and Social Development in Southeast Asia – Preparing the REG: Healthy Borders Special Economic Zones (52335-001)
2. Main Focus: Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar: Livestock health and Value chain, Livestock products
TA-9971 REG: Greater Mekong Sub region Cross-border Livestock Health and Value Chains Improvement Project under TA 54002-001 REG: Southeast Asia Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Facility - Phase II
1. Main Focus: Chile, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay: Global Gateway Investment Agenda, Fair Green Transition, Digital transformation, Human development, Health Resilience and Vaccines
Strengthen the Global Gateway Investment Agenda Development and Implementation in Latin America and the Caribbean
1. Main Focus: China: Agriculture, Rural Development and Food Security
EU-China Young Farmers Program: Rural Development and Food security
2. Main Focus: China: China's Trade Policies
Anticipating the Impact of China's Trade Policies on the EU
3. Main Focus: China: Trade Policies
Anticipating The Impact Of China's Trade Policies On The EU
1. Main Focus: DRC: Cross Border Social, Economic & Commercial Activities
Identification and Formulation Missions of EU Intervention In Securing Cross Border Social, Economic And Commercial Activities in the Great Lakes Region (DRC, Rwanda & Burundi). Objectives:
1. Main Focus: Egypt: Implementation of Civil Society Roadmap, Strengthening the Capacities of CSOs
Operationalization of the EU Civil Society Roadmap for Strengthening the role of CSOs as EU Strategic Partners in Egypt
2. Main Focus: Egypt: Gender, Capacity Building
Strategic and Technical Support to the National Council for Women in Egypt
3. Main Focus: Egypt: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
Enhancing EU Communication and Visibility for Supporting Women's Participation in Public Life
4. Main Focus: Egypt: Industry, Commerce & Services, Trade
Trademarks and Industrial Designs Office in Egypt
5. Main Focus: Egypt: TVET Reform, Monitoring & Evaluation
Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU funded programme Support to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Reform Programme in Egypt TVET II
6. Main Focus: Egypt: Human Rights and Civil Society
Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Civil Society in Egypt.
7. Main Focus: Egypt: Child Labour and Education
Mid-Term Evaluation Enhancing Access of Children to Education and Fighting Child Labour in Egypt
1. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Health & Nutrition, Gender Equality, Capacity building
Technical Assistance to Support the Ministry of Health and Regions to manage the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) for Gender Equality program in Ethiopia
2. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy, eGovernment Strategy
Developing an eGovernment Strategy & Government Enterprise Architecture for Ethiopia
3. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Value Chain and Supply Chain Management
EU Legislation on Global Value Chain Sustainability in Ethiopia - under Lot 2
4. Main Focus: Ethiopia: EU Green Deal, Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy
Analysis and Pre-identification of an EU Framework Support Programme to Ethiopia in the Green Deal Sector
5. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Job creation, Employment and Entrepreneurship, TVET and Labour market
Study for the Assessment of the EU and EU Member States potential support in Job Creation in Ethiopia
6. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Evaluation, Heritage & Culture
Promoting Heritage for Ethiopian's Development (PROHEDEV) Programme-Final Evaluation
7. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Labor Migration
Support to the Management of Labor Migration in Ethiopia (SMLME) Project
8. Main Focus: Ethiopia: EU+ JP Exercise II
EU-Ethiopia Cooperation: EU+ JP Exercise II
9. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Improving and Integrating Animal Health Services
Improving and Integrating Animal Health Services in the Livestock Value Chain Through Public-Private Dialogue in Ethiopia
10. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Energy Authority Program
Technical Assistance in Support of the Implementation of the Ethiopian Energy Authority Program of Activities 2014- 2020.
11. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Mid Term Review Of Phase I of Civil Society Fund II (CSF II)
Mid Term Review Of Phase I of Civil Society Fund II (CSF II)
12. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Cultural & natural heritage, gender & environment
Promoting Cultural and Natural Heritage in Ethiopia.
13. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Economic Empowerment of Women-Market Survey, Baseline and Mapping Study
Market Survey, Baseline Data Gathering and Mapping Study for Women's Economic Empowerment in Four Pilot Areas of Ethiopia
1. Main Focus: Gambia: Agriculture, Rural Development and Food Security
Final Evaluation of the “Improving Food Security through Crop Production Intensification and School Feeding Program’ in Gambia
2. Main Focus: Gambia: Access to Justice and Legal Education
Formulation of Governance Programme in the Gambia: Component “Access to Justice and Legal Education”
1. Main Focus: Georgia: Evaluation, Agriculture, Food safety and Security
Evaluation of European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) Programme in Georgia
2. Main Focus: Georgia: Human-rights Protection, Monitoring & Evaluation
Final Evaluation of Human Rights Programmes in Georgia
3. Main Focus: Georgia: Economic, social and regional development
Formulation Mission for PRDP Projects, Georgia
1. Main Focus: Ghana: Media and Communications
Support to Communication and Visibility Actions for the Ghana Employment and Social protection (GESP) Programme
2. Main Focus: Ghana: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Rural Development, Monitoring & Evaluation
Evaluation of the Catalyzing WASH from Possible to Profitable Fund in Ghana
3. Main Focus: Ghana: Water & Sanitation
Water Resources Assessment in the Upper West Region and Northern Region - Ghana
4. Main Focus: Ghana: Green Economy Sector
Pre-identification of potential EU's contribution to the Green Economy sector in Ghana through the development of local social-environmental or eco-enterprises
5. Main Focus: Ghana: Resilient Agriculture against Climate Change
Formulation of the
6. Main Focus: Ghana: Governance, Electoral Process, Institutional Capacity
Mid term Evaluation of the project “Support to the independent Governance Institutions involved in the electoral process”
7. Main Focus: Ghana: Rural Development, Micro-finance, SME & Private Sector, Agriculture
Feasibility study on the Matching Grant component of the
1. Main Focus: Honduras: Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience
Midterm Evaluation to Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience in the Dry Corridor - Honduras
1. Main Focus: Horn of Africa: Regional Integration, Trade & Economic Development
Support to Horn of Africa Initiative (HoAI) on Regional Integration and Economic Development
1. Main Focus: India: Air Quality Management, EU-India partnership
Air Quality Management Initiative in India
2. Main Focus: India: Solar energy, Strengthen ISA-EU cooperation
EU Cooperation with the International Solar Alliance – India
3. Main Focus: India: Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency, Monitoring & Evaluation
Impact Evaluation: Support to Renewable Energy, Clean Technologies and Energy Efficiency in India
4. Main Focus: India: Elementary and Secondary Education
Sector Policy Support Programme for Elementary and Secondary Education in India
5. Main Focus: India: Water Management, Clean Ganga Initiatives
Support to the Clean Ganga Initiative and Preparation for Wider EU-India Cooperation on Water Issues
1. Main Focus: Indonesia: Renewable Energy, Feasibility Study
Indonesia Wind farm feasibility study
2. Main Focus: Indonesia: EU-Indonesia Free Trade Agreement & Investment relations
Support to EU Market Access in Indonesia through Negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement, and the Market Access Strategy
3. Main Focus: Indonesia: Programme Implementation, Construction Supervision
Consulting Services for Programme Implementation for Hospital Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) Makassar, Indonesia
4. Main Focus: Indonesia: Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Risk Reduction
Evaluation of the European Commission's Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction Activities (DIPECHO) in Indonesia”
5. Main Focus: Indonesia: Legal Timber Trade
Getting ready for the VPA: awareness and business dialogue on legal timber trade
6. Main Focus: Indonesia: Justice and Law Enforcement
EU Support to Law Enforcement and Justice in Indonesia
7. Main Focus: Indonesia: Public Finance Management (PFM)
Evaluation of EU supports to Indonesia's Public Finance Management (PFM)
1. Main Focus: Iraq: Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation
Third-Party Monitoring Service for Iraq in the Domain of Civil Society/Human Rights, Anti-corruption, Education and Local Governance
1. Main Focus: Jordan: Public Administration, Institutional Development & Capacity building, Human Resources
Technical Assistance to Support the Transitional Stage of Establishing Service and Public Administration Commission in Jordan
2. Main Focus: Jordan: Private Sector Development, Business and Investment Enabling Environment
Assessment of the Sector Budget Support Programme -
3. Main Focus: Jordan: Justice sector reform, budget support
Assessment of justice budget support benchmarks tranche 3 and 4 in Jordan
4. Main Focus: Jordan: Public finance and public administration reforms
Assessment of the 1st tranche of sector budget support programme Support to public finance and public administration reforms (PFPA)-Jordan
1. Main Focus: Kazakhstan: Mapping Study on Civil Society Organizations
Mapping Study of Civil Society Organization in Kazakhstan
1. Main Focus: Kenya: Renewable Energy, Climate Change Mitigation
Pre-feasibility Study for the Upgrading of Gogo Hydropower Plant, Migori County, Kenya
2. Main Focus: Kenya: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Mid Term Review - Water Tower Protection and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (WaTER) Programme
3. Main Focus: Kenya: Evaluation of the 10th EDF, Accountable Governance
Final Evaluation of the 10th EDF Bridging Divides through Accountable Governance (BDAG)
4. Main Focus: Kenya: MDGs 1, 4, 5 and 7, i.e. Poverty & Food Security, Health, Environment and Basic Sanitation
Technical Assistance for Programming Support for Kenya under the MDG Initiative (
5. Main Focus: Kenya: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security in Kenya.
Support to the European Commission Delegation in Kenya for the evaluation of full grant applications in the framework of the Call for Proposal « Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development, Actions in partner countries » Kenya
1. Main Focus: Kosovo: Juvenile Justice Reform
EU Support to Juvenile Justice in Kosovo
1. Main Focus: Regional Migration & Poverty
Independent Mid-Term Review of Central Asia Regional Migration Programme (CARMP)
1. Main Focus: Kyrgyzstan: Justice Reform, Law
Ex-Post (final) External Evaluation of the EU funded project
2. Main Focus: Kyrgyzstan: Rule of Law, Transparency and Accountability
Mid-Term External Evaluation of the EU funded programme
1. Main Focus: Lao PDR: Agriculture, Food security, Agricultural Finance, Rural Development
ADB: P57123-001: Preparing The Sustainable Agrifood Systems Sector Project in Lao PDR
2. Main Focus: Lao PDR: A Video Production focused on culture, education and employment issues
Support to the Civil Society of Lao PDR to prepare and participate to the 9th Asia Europe meeting ASEM9.
3. Main Focus: Lao PDR: Food Security
Final Analysis Studies- Food Security for Woman and Rural Poor
1. Main Focus: Lebanon: Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Protection
Third Party Monitoring of the Lebanon Social Protection Projects for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese Population
2. Main Focus: Lebanon: Gender, Social Development
Gender Analysis in Lebanon
1. Main Focus: Lesotho: Identification and formulation Study on Orphan & Vulnerable children in Lesetho, Africa.
Technical Assistance to conduct the Identification and Formulation of a €27M Human Development Programme.
1. Main Focus: Liberia: Gender Analysis in the Electricity Sector
Gender Analysis for the Electricity Sector in Liberia
1. Main Focus: Libya: Public Administration Reform and International Coordination
Technical Assistance to Libya Ministry of Planning - Public Administration Reform and Organizational Development of Public institutions
1. Main Focus: Macedonia: Personal Data Protection Right, Human Rights
Support for Drafting of Strategic Documents and Corresponding Action Plans, including Media Awareness Research for Improved Implementation of the Personal Data Protection Right
1. Main Focus: Malawi: External Technical Audit of Medium Scale Irrigation Schemes
External Technical Audit of Construction Works of 5 Grant-Funded Medium Scale Irrigation Schemes – Malawi
1. Main Focus: Maldives: Solid Waste & Environmental Management
Preparation of the project completion Evaluation report of the Maldives Environmental Management Project
1. Main Focus: Mongolia: Human rights, Rule of law
Support to the EU-Mongolia Human Rights Dialogue
2. Main Focus: Mongolia: Governance, public sector reform, public finances, civil service reform
Strengthening Governance for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Mongolia
3. Main Focus: Mongolia: Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET
Mid Term Evaluation of Support to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programme in Mongolia
1. Main Focus: Montenegro: Education, Social Development
Improving Education Programmes and Services to Meet the Needs of Marginalized Groups in Montenegro
1. Main Focus: Myanmar: Education and TVET
Support to the Implementation of the European Union action “Youth Training and Leadership Opportunities” in Myanmar
2. Main Focus: Myanmar: Implementation of Strategic Communications
FWC Services for The Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018
3. Main Focus: Myanmar: Aid effectiveness, Donor Harmonization and co-ordination
Support to the EU with Coordination and Strengthening of Aid Effectiveness in Myanmar, 2020
4. Main Focus: Myanmar: Rural Development, Food Security, Agriculture
Advisory Services and Technical Assistance in Agriculture and Nutrition Sector in Myanmar
5. Main Focus: Myanmar: Forest Law, Governance and Trade
Myanmar Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Process: Development and Implementation of Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies to Support the Preparation and Negotiation Phases of the Myanmar-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement
6. Main Focus: Myanmar: European Union Engagement with Civil Society
Support to the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Myanmar Process
7. Main Focus: Myanmar: Climate Change
Evaluation of Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA)
8. Main Focus: Myanmar: Multi-Donor trust fund for peace
Setting up of a Multi-Donor trust fund for peace in Myanmar (MDTF)
9. Main Focus: Myanmar: Governance, Peace Process
Support to the Formulation of two new EU-funded Programmes on support of the Governance and the Peace Process in Myanmar
1. Main Focus: Nepal: Trade, Private Sector Development, Economic development and Monitoring & Evaluation
Final Evaluation of the Support for Trade and Economic Capacity Building: Trade and Private Sector Development (TPSD) Nepal
2. Main Focus: Nepal: Education, TVET, Monitoring & Evaluation
Mid-term evaluation of TVET Practical Partnership for Nepal (TVET-PP)
3. Main Focus: Nepal: Food Security Monitoring and Analysis
Final Evaluation of Support to Institutionalizing the Nepal Food Security Monitoring and Analysis System in Nepal
4. Main Focus: Nepal: Education - TVET sub-sector Analysis
Study Mission under focal area of education - TVET sub-sector Analysis in Nepal
1. Main Focus: Nigeria: Monitoring & Evaluation, Anti-Corruption, Law
Mid-term Evaluation of the 'Support to Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC)' Programme" in Nigeria
2. Main Focus: Nigeria: Support to Rule of Law
Support to Rule of Law in Nigeria Project
3. Main Focus: Nigeria: Product Testing Laboratories
Capacity Building in Strengthening Product Testing Laboratories- Nigeria
1. Main Focus: Pakistan: Education & TVET, Tracer Study
Tracer Study of "Support to the TVET Sector in Pakistan" Project (TVET III)
2. Main Focus: Pakistan: Monitoring, Community mobilization, Poverty Reduction
External Performance Monitoring of Sindh Union Council and Community Economic Strengthening Support (SUCCESS) decision in Pakistan
3. Main Focus: Pakistan: Security, Justice Reform, Law
Ex-post Evaluation of Citizens Justice and Peace Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
4. Main Focus: Pakistan: Civil Society & NGOs, Public Administration
Identification and Formulation mission for Assistance to Cooperation Mechanisms at Federal and Provincial level in provinces of Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan
5. Main Focus: Pakistan: Poverty alleviation in crisis & natural disasters affected communities
Mid-term evaluation of the PEACE programme in Malakand Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the BCDP programme in Balochistan (Pakistan)
6. Main Focus: Pakistan: Sindh Education Support
"Identification Mission for Sindh Education Support"
7. Main Focus: Pakistan: Elections and Parliament Reformation
Support to Elections and Parliamentary Reforms in Pakistan
8. Main Focus: Pakistan: Final Evaluation of Local Governance Rehabilitation
Local Governance Rehabilitation - Final Evaluation
9. Main Focus: Pakistan: M & E of Education Sector Reform Programme
Monitoring of Education Sector Reform Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
10. Main Focus: Pakistan: Primary and Secondary Education Quality
Qualitative Research Study: Quality of Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
11. Main Focus: Pakistan: Human, civil & socio-political rights
Identification Mission for HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAMME – Pakistan
12. Main Focus: Pakistan: Education Sector Support
Sindh Education Sector Support Programme: Identification Mission.
1. Main Focus: Palestine: Solid Waste Management
Technical & Institutional Support for Solid Waste Management Services: Professionalization of the Operations of the Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management in Khan Younis, Rafah and Middle Governorates (JSC-KRM) - Gaza, Palestine
2. Main Focus: Palestine: Gender Equality, Social Development
Identification Study for Action on Gender Equality in Palestine – AAP 2021
3. Main Focus: Palestine: Gender Inequality
Gender Country Profile for Palestine - Update and Extension of the Existing Analysis in the Framework of the EU Joint Programming in Palestine
4. Main Focus: Palestine: Water Sector Regulatory Council Establishment
Establishment and operation of the Water Sector Regulatory Council – Palestine
5. Main Focus: Palestine: Wastewater tariff, Operational & Maintenance study for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater tariff and update of Operational & Maintenance study in support of the Wastewater Treatment Plant for Tubas-Tayasir
1. Main Focus: PNG: GIS Database and Mapping System, Population & Housing Census, Planning and Management, Capacity Building
Technical Assistance GIS Expert to support the 2020 National Population & Housing Census
1. Main Focus: Philippines: Public Private Partnership (PPP), Project Performance Monitoring & Restructuring, Capacity building
TA-9290 REG: Strengthening Project Preparation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific - Support for Ongoing Monitoring and Project Restructuring (Subproject 2) - #3 PHI: BCDA Project Monitoring (Firm) (49407-003)
2. Main Focus: Philippines: Aid effectiveness
Support for EU Coordination and Increased Aid Effectiveness in The Philippines
3. Main Focus: Philippines: Free Trade Agreements (FTA) Negotiations
Legal On-The-Ground Support to the EU - Philippines FTA Negotiations
4. Main Focus: Philippines: Job Creation
Rural Development and food Security (LOT 1) under Detailed Formulation and Feasibility of a Program on the Job Creation in Mindanao
5. Main Focus: Philippines: Agriculture, Pest Identification and Pest Surveillance
Improved Capability of Pest Surveillance Officers on Pest Identification and Pest Surveillance for Fruits and Vegetables in the Philippines
6. Main Focus: Philippines: Job Creation
Identification of a Programme on Job Creation in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao
7. Main Focus: Philippines: Maternal, Neonatal & Child Health, Nutrition Services
Mid-term Evaluation of Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health And Nutrition Services For Indigenous Peoples and Other Disadvantaged Communities in Mindanao
8. Main Focus: Philippines: Health Policy Support
Formulation Mission Health Sector Policy Support Programme - Phase III
9. Main Focus: Philippines: Governance & Local Governance Watch System
Technical Assistance for the Development of DILG-LGA Volunteer Program and Local Governance Watch System-The Philippines
10. Main Focus: Philippines: Migration Management
Formulation Mission on improving the Migration Management System of the Philippines
11. Main Focus: Philippines: M&E and Food Facility
Monitoring of Food Facility Projects in the Philippines
1. Main Focus: Rwanda: Green Economy, Economic Transformation, Economic intelligence
Technical Assistance to Support the Rwanda Development Board to Enhance Business Environment and Attractiveness of Rwanda for Investment
2. Main Focus: Rwanda: Forestry, Rural Development, Inst. Development. & Cap. building, Agriculture
TA for Forestry and Agroforestry assessment, Improve Sector Coordination & Preparation of Public Investment Project - Rwanda
3. Main Focus: Rwanda: Agricultural Public Investment
Technical Assistance in the Preparation of Agriculture Public Investment Projects (Rwanda)
4. Main Focus: Rwanda: Agricultural Irrigation Systems
Technical Assistance in The Establishment of a Baseline of Agricultural Households Using Irrigation Systems
5. Main Focus: Rwanda: Cross Border Social, Economic & Commercial Activities
Identification and Formulation Missions of EU Intervention In Securing Cross Border Social, Economic And Commercial Activities in the Great Lakes Region (DRC, Rwanda & Burundi).
6. Main Focus: Rwanda: Accountable Democratic Governance
Formulation of Accountable Democratic Governance Programme support to Rwanda under the 11th EDF.
7. Main Focus: Rwanda: Mapping of CSOs and Project Identification
Mapping of the civil society and Project Identification of a Support Program to the civil society in Rwanda
1. Main Focus: Sierra Leone: Sustainable economic development and Job creation, Monitoring and Evaluation
Strengthen the Monitoring and Information Framework of the Jobs and growth program; and Ensure communication and visibility on results and performance of the J&G programme in and out of Sierra Leone
2. Main Focus: Sierra Leone: Feasibility study, Social Sustainable Infrastructure, Conceptual designs
Feasibility study and Preparation of Conceptual designs of Bridges at Various Ferry crossing points
3. Main Focus: Sierra Leone: Civil Society, Governance
Enhancing Civil Society Organizations and LA Contributions to Governance and Development Processes in Sierra Leone
1. Main Focus: Somalia: Education, Labor Market & Employment, Training
Strategic Orientation for EU's engagement in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Somalia
1. Main Focus: South Africa: Gender Analysis, Gender mainstreaming, Gender equality
Drafting of the Gender Action Plan Country Level Implementation Plan and of a Gender Analysis of the Green and Digital Sectors in South Africa
2. Main Focus: South Africa: Active Citizen Participation and Participatory Democracy
Technical Assistance for Improving Active Citizenship Programme in South Africa
3. Main Focus: South Africa: Governance and Home Affairs
Mapping Study of Civil Society in the Human Rights and Social Justice Sector in South Africa
1. Main Focus: South Asia: Survey of personnel costs-Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Survey of personnel costs in grant, contribution agreements and delegation agreements: Studies and technical assistance in all sectors
1. Main Focus: South Sudan: Education, Monitoring & Evaluation
End line Evaluation Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS II) Project
1. Main Focus: Sri Lanka: Monitoring & Evaluation, Agriculture Reform, Institutional Development & Capacity Building
Mid-term evaluation of Support to the Modernization of the Agricultural Sector in Sri Lanka
1. Main Focus: Sudan: Food Security Program
Mid Term Evaluation of Food Security Program-Sudan
1. Main Focus: Tanzania: Agriculture, Media and Communications
Communication and Visibility of the AGRI-CONNECT Programme – Tanzania
2. Main Focus: Tanzania: Monitoring & Evaluation, Transport
Final Evaluation of Road Transport Sector and Policy Support Programme - Phase 2 in Tanzania
3. Main Focus: Tanzania: Natural Resources Management
Natural Resources Management for Local Economic Development in Kigoma Region (NRM for LED) in Tanzania
4. Main Focus: Tanzania: Climate Change, Eco-villages' Communities
Ex-post evaluation of the Global Climate Change Alliance Programme - Tanzania (2011-2013)
5. Main Focus: Tanzania: Climate Change, Eco-villages' Communities
Trade and Agriculture Support Programme- phase II- Tanzania
6. Main Focus: Tanzania: Non-State Actors & Environment
Mid-Term Evaluation of 10th EDF Support to Non-State Actors - Environment Component in Tanzania
1. Main Focus: Mekong Region: Energy Sector Development and Institutional reform Strategic Agendas: Inclusive economic growth, Regional integration
TA 8330-REG “Harmonizing the Greater Mekong Sub region (GMS) Power Systems to Facilitate Regional Power Trade”
1. Main Focus: Turkey: Supporting CSOs, Monitoring & Evaluation
Mid-Term Evaluation of EU Support to Third parties provided under Civil Society Facility in Turkey
1. Main Focus: Uganda: Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Value Chain
Review Of Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan (ASSP I) & Formulation of The ASSP II For Uganda
2. Main Focus: Uganda: Water & Sanitation, Mapping & Cadastre, Information & Communication Technology
Ex-post Final Evaluation of the Mapping of Groundwater Resources in Uganda project RfS 2017/386287/1
3. Main Focus: Uganda: Oriented and Environmentally Sustainable Beef Meat Industry
Strategic Environmental Assessment of the 11th EDF Support to Developing a Market - Oriented and Environmentally Sustainable Beef Meat Industry in Uganda and Support to Promoting Commercial Aquaculture in Uganda projects
4. Main Focus: Uganda: Water & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation
Evaluation of the Kampala Sanitation Program - Sanitation Measures for Enhanced Basic Sanitation Coverage and Protection of Lake Victoria - Uganda
1. Main Focus: Ukraine: Promotion of Circular Economy Tools and Policies
Circular Economy - Promotion of Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns in Ukraine
2. Main Focus: Ukraine: Reforms in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Formulation of EU Support to Reforms in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Ukraine
1. Main Focus: Vietnam: Gender Equity & Mainstreaming, Governance & Capacity development, Private sector development
TA-6734 VIE: Public–Private Partnerships, Private Sector Development, and State-Owned Enterprise Reform - Women-focused Research and Capacity Building (54445-001)
2. Main Focus: Vietnam: Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Human Rights
Support the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) in Strengthening the Receipt, Verification, Protection and Assistance of the Victims of Human Trafficking
3. Main Focus: Vietnam: Macro-Econ. & Public Finance, Monitoring & Evaluation
Evaluation of EU Public Finance Modernization Programme in Viet Nam (EU-PFMO)
4. Main Focus: Vietnam: Health Sector Capacity Support Project
Final Evaluation of EU-Vietnam Health Sector Capacity Support Project (HSCSP).
1. Main Focus: Yemen: Reproductive Health and Population
Evaluation of the EU support to Yemen: Reproductive Health and Population Programme phase 2
2. Main Focus: Yemen: Reproductive Health services
Evaluation of the EU support to Reproductive Health services in Taiz, Lahij, Al Hudaydah, and accompanying measures in view of its continuation.
3. Main Focus: Yemen: Evaluation Study - Health Development
Evaluation Study - Health Development Councils Yemen
4. Main Focus: Yemen: Governance & Human Rights
Evaluation of SHARAKA YEMEN Programme and Formulation of a Major Governance Programme for the Republic of Yemen.
1. Main Focus: Zambia: Energy, SME & Private Sector
Technical assistance II to the Zambian Authorities to maximize Zambia Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Transformation (ZE2ST) Program Impact
2. Main Focus: Zambia: Education, Social Development, Training
Skills Development Formulation Study in Zambia
3. Main Focus: Zambia: Agricultural Financing, Agribusiness
Access to Finance Study – Zambia
4. Main Focus: Zambia: Rural Development, Land & Erosion & Soil, Governance
Land Governance Formulation Study in Zambia
5. Main Focus: Zambia: Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock
Final Evaluation of the Performance Enhancement Programme (PEP) and Operationalization of PEP II
1. Main Focus: Zimbabwe: Performance Review, Elaboration of a Reform Strategy, Governance, Capacity building
Performance Review of the Zimbabwe Forestry Commission
2. Main Focus: Zimbabwe: Gender Analysis
Gender Analysis: Country Gender Profile Zimbabwe
3. Main Focus: Zimbabwe: Agricultural and food security management information systems
Study of agricultural and food security management information systems in Zimbabwe