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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
21. Main Focus: Armenia: Green/climate Conversion Growth and Sustainable Development
Support Programming of Future EU funded Actions in the field of Green/Climate change growth and Sustainable Development in Armenia
22. Main Focus: Zambia: Energy, SME & Private Sector
Technical assistance II to the Zambian Authorities to maximize Zambia Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Transformation (ZE2ST) Program Impact
23. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Post-industrial waste, Circular economy, RMG industry
Consultancy Services for Formalizing Informal “Jhut” Sector with Revisiting its Social Standards under Sustainability in the Textile and Leather Sector (STILE) Project
24. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Livestock, Agricultural markets, Commercialization and Agri-business, Public Administration
Consulting Services for Agro Business Planning, Technologies and Marketing Advice and Implementation Support under Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP) [Package No: DLS/ LDDP/ S-67]
25. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health facilities Strengthening, Equipment Procurement and Technology Transfer
Strengthening of Diagnostic Imaging System Of 7 Division Medical College Hospital - Consulting Service for Maternal, Neonatal Child Health (MNCH) and Health System Improvement Project – Bangladesh
26. Main Focus: Philippines: Public Private Partnership (PPP), Project Performance Monitoring & Restructuring, Capacity building
TA-9290 REG: Strengthening Project Preparation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific - Support for Ongoing Monitoring and Project Restructuring (Subproject 2) - #3 PHI: BCDA Project Monitoring (Firm) (49407-003)
27. Main Focus: India: Air Quality Management, EU-India partnership
Air Quality Management Initiative in India
28. Main Focus: Indonesia: EU-Indonesia Free Trade Agreement & Investment relations
Support to EU Market Access in Indonesia through Negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement, and the Market Access Strategy
29. Main Focus: Iraq: Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation
Third-Party Monitoring Service for Iraq in the Domain of Civil Society/Human Rights, Anti-corruption, Education and Local Governance
30. Main Focus: India: Solar energy, Strengthen ISA-EU cooperation
EU Cooperation with the International Solar Alliance – India
31. Main Focus: Tanzania: Agriculture, Media and Communications
Communication and Visibility of the AGRI-CONNECT Programme – Tanzania
32. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Agricultural Research, Impact Assessment
Impact Assessment of Salt tolerant potato and Sweet potato Production for Strengthening Food System Resilience in Bangladesh
33. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Water Resources Planning and Management, Socio-Economic survey
TA-6834 BAN: Support to Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management Project – Additional Financing – Firm Consulting Firm (34418-024)
34. Main Focus: Cambodia: Social Protection, Review & Assessment
External Assessment of Cambodia's Social Protection Sector policy
35. Main Focus: Bhutan: International Trade, SME & Private Sector
Technical Assistance for Bhutan’s Economic Recovery post COVID19
36. Main Focus: Egypt: Gender, Capacity Building
Strategic and Technical Support to the National Council for Women in Egypt
37. Main Focus: Egypt: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
Enhancing EU Communication and Visibility for Supporting Women's Participation in Public Life
38. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Migration, TVET, Poverty alleviation, Livelihoods and social security
Urban Management of Internal Migration Due to Climate Change (UMIMCC) Project for Assessments and Development of Employment-Oriented training and Vocational Training Programmes and Entrepreneurship trainings
39. Main Focus: Myanmar: Aid effectiveness, Donor Harmonization and co-ordination
Support to the EU with Coordination and Strengthening of Aid Effectiveness in Myanmar, 2020
40. Main Focus: Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar: Health security, Mobile & Migrant population health, Communicable disease control, and Health systems strengthening
TA-9723 REG: Support for Human and Social Development in Southeast Asia – Preparing the REG: Healthy Borders Special Economic Zones (52335-001)
Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar