A house of consultants, managers, researchers, trainers & system analysts

Key Strenghts

SSIL utilizes inputs from a group of seasoned, sound, and dependable professionals. Its operations always reflect the following strengths:

  • Strong practical experiences backed by intimate familiarity with evolving development concepts and theories.
  • Updated sector knowledge including the incumbent policies, programs, institutions, and relevant stakeholders.
  • In-depth understanding about the vital community based development program dynamics and program management factors of the government, private sectors, and NGOs.
  • Strong background and skills in the areas like project management, policy analysis, sector analysis, program based study/ research, OR type study, survey, evaluation, and situation analysis techniques.
  • Long-term practical experiences in the management, monitoring, and supervision of development programs operated by governmental bodies, multilateral & bilateral donors, UN bodies, private sector TA agencies, NGOs, etc.