A house of consultants, managers, researchers, trainers & system analysts

Strategic Approach

On the basis of mutually beneficial understandings, SSIL shapes up every individual partnership. However, the general strategic approach could be portrayed as follows:

  • Assuming the responsibilities of identifying new areas of operation/intervention or interest.
  • Fully or partially sharing the responsibilities of implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the ongoing project activities.
  • Providing strategically sound, financially beneficial, cost-effective, culturally sensitive, and system-compatible consultation services.
  • Negotiating new deals or outstanding issues with the relevant agencies including governmental organizations, donors, NGOs, and if necessary, with local and overseas professionals.
  • Mobilizing professional inputs and other support-services including human resources to ensure efficient and cost-effective execution of ongoing and planned activities.
  • Negotiating beneficial partnerships, collaborations, new initiatives with government, and/or non-government organizations, donor agencies, business houses, current & future potential partners, professionals/individuals, etc. 
  • Placing well-suited team of experts, individuals and building teams to assume any challenging and high-profile roles, which will call for extensive experiences in the areas like management, identifying public welfare oriented innovative ideas and innovative persons, and maximizing programmatic out-puts or profit.
  • Using professional experiences, energetic strategy, self-starting habit, entrepreneurial outlooks, and shrewd negotiation skills both to explore and consolidate new opportunities for the partner organizations in the fashion of maximizing out-puts of ongoing activities, enhancing the possibility of more beneficial future involvement, and expanding partnership with other organizations.