A house of consultants, managers, researchers, trainers & system analysts

Major Service

Major Service Provisions

The Services and Solutions International Ltd. (SSIL) is a multidisciplinary consulting, research, training and data management house. SSIL's team members are specialized in providing technical assistance to the donors, NGOs, governmental agencies and private business companies. It is equipped to provide technical assistance to its partners by undertaking activities of the following kinds:

  • Project management & Implementation
  • Strategy Development
  • Policy Analysis
  • Sector reviews
  • Project identification,design and appraisal
  • Monitoring, evaluation and documentation
  • Research and survey
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Feasibility study and project formulation study
  • Impact assessment and cost analysis
  • Provision of long-and short-term technical assistance
  • Organizational planning and management
  • Management development assessment
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Administrative support services

SSIL also provides recruitment services and organizes workshops, seminars, strategic discussion sessions and various dissemination sessions based on the works that SSIL does and focused on the subject matters that the partners are interested in.