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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
201. Main Focus: Myanmar: Governance, Peace Process
Support to the Formulation of two new EU-funded Programmes on support of the Governance and the Peace Process in Myanmar
202. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Mid Term Review Of Phase I of Civil Society Fund II (CSF II)
Mid Term Review Of Phase I of Civil Society Fund II (CSF II)
203. Main Focus: Kenya: Evaluation of the 10th EDF, Accountable Governance
Final Evaluation of the 10th EDF Bridging Divides through Accountable Governance (BDAG)
204. Main Focus: Pakistan: Final Evaluation of Local Governance Rehabilitation
Local Governance Rehabilitation - Final Evaluation
205. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Civil Society Mapping
Civil Society Mapping and Recommendations for EU Future Engagements.
206. Main Focus: Yemen: Reproductive Health services
Evaluation of the EU support to Reproductive Health services in Taiz, Lahij, Al Hudaydah, and accompanying measures in view of its continuation.
207. Main Focus: Rwanda: Mapping of CSOs and Project Identification
Mapping of the civil society and Project Identification of a Support Program to the civil society in Rwanda
208. Main Focus: South Asia: Survey of personnel costs-Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Survey of personnel costs in grant, contribution agreements and delegation agreements: Studies and technical assistance in all sectors
South Asia
209. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Fiduciary Risk, Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA)
Fiduciary Risk Assessments (FRA) and Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Consultancy
210. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Political Economy Analysis
A Country-wide Political Economy Analysis for Bangladesh: Governance and Home Affairs.
211. Main Focus: Pakistan: M & E of Education Sector Reform Programme
Monitoring of Education Sector Reform Programme in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
212. Main Focus: Ghana: Governance, Electoral Process, Institutional Capacity
Mid term Evaluation of the project “Support to the independent Governance Institutions involved in the electoral process”
213. Main Focus: Indonesia: Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Risk Reduction
Evaluation of the European Commission's Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction Activities (DIPECHO) in Indonesia”
214. Main Focus: Bangladesh: National Health, Nutrition, Population, SWP
Completion/ex-post Evaluation of decision ASIE/2005/017-585- EC - Support to the national Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme
215. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Vulnerable Group Development, Ultra-Poor Programme
Ex Post Evaluation of Vulnerable Group Development for Ultra-Poor (VGDUP) Programme.
216. Main Focus: Philippines: Health Policy Support
Formulation Mission Health Sector Policy Support Programme - Phase III
217. Main Focus: Indonesia: Legal Timber Trade
Getting ready for the VPA: awareness and business dialogue on legal timber trade
218. Main Focus: Regional Migration & Poverty
Independent Mid-Term Review of Central Asia Regional Migration Programme (CARMP)
Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan
219. Main Focus: Uganda: Water & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation
Evaluation of the Kampala Sanitation Program - Sanitation Measures for Enhanced Basic Sanitation Coverage and Protection of Lake Victoria - Uganda
220. Main Focus: Lao PDR: A Video Production focused on culture, education and employment issues
Support to the Civil Society of Lao PDR to prepare and participate to the 9th Asia Europe meeting ASEM9.