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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
201. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Informal Economy, Urban Poverty, Child Labour
Documentation on the Urban Informal Economy Project of ILO by profiling implementation modality of seven key project components for elimination of child labour from urban informal sector.
202. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Economic Empowerment of Women-Market Survey, Baseline and Mapping Study
Market Survey, Baseline Data Gathering and Mapping Study for Women's Economic Empowerment in Four Pilot Areas of Ethiopia
203. Main Focus: Kenya: MDGs 1, 4, 5 and 7, i.e. Poverty & Food Security, Health, Environment and Basic Sanitation
Technical Assistance for Programming Support for Kenya under the MDG Initiative (
204. Main Focus: Macedonia: Personal Data Protection Right, Human Rights
Support for Drafting of Strategic Documents and Corresponding Action Plans, including Media Awareness Research for Improved Implementation of the Personal Data Protection Right
205. Main Focus: Bangladesh: A secondary review based sector study on Jute
A Secondary Review based Study on Jute Sector of Bangladesh
206. Main Focus: Indonesia: Justice and Law Enforcement
EU Support to Law Enforcement and Justice in Indonesia
207. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour, Basic Education, Technical & Vocational Education
Designing Action Program Summary Outlines (APSO) on preparation for formal education and skills development training and raising awareness that aims to reduce hazardous child labour in urban informal sectors in a sustainable manner.
208. Main Focus: Gambia: Access to Justice and Legal Education
Formulation of Governance Programme in the Gambia: Component “Access to Justice and Legal Education”
209. Main Focus: Philippines: Migration Management
Formulation Mission on improving the Migration Management System of the Philippines
210. Main Focus: Yemen: Evaluation Study - Health Development
Evaluation Study - Health Development Councils Yemen
211. Main Focus: Indonesia: Public Finance Management (PFM)
Evaluation of EU supports to Indonesia's Public Finance Management (PFM)
212. Main Focus: Pakistan: Education Sector Support
Sindh Education Sector Support Programme: Identification Mission.
213. Main Focus: Philippines: M&E and Food Facility
Monitoring of Food Facility Projects in the Philippines
214. Main Focus: Yemen: Governance & Human Rights
Evaluation of SHARAKA YEMEN Programme and Formulation of a Major Governance Programme for the Republic of Yemen.
215. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Analysis of the Trend and Country Responses to Child Labour and Way Forwards
Country Response to Child Labour and Way Forwards
216. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity analysis of Dhaka City Corporation to implement a major child labour project
Capacity Needs Assessment of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC).
217. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
Comparative assessment of EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
218. Main Focus: Lesotho: Identification and formulation Study on Orphan & Vulnerable children in Lesetho, Africa.
Technical Assistance to conduct the Identification and Formulation of a €27M Human Development Programme.
219. Main Focus: Belgium: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security-Global Call
Support to Evaluation of the Call for Proposals EuropeAid/xxx/C/ACT/Multi-launched in May 2009 under the Food Facility Regulation.
220. Main Focus: Kenya: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security in Kenya.
Support to the European Commission Delegation in Kenya for the evaluation of full grant applications in the framework of the Call for Proposal « Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development, Actions in partner countries » Kenya