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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
221. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Primary and Non-Formal Education
UNIQUE (a major EC funded Project) Baseline Study for Non formal education , Primary education and Out of School Children.
222. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Technical Vocational Education & Training-TVET
Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Mapping and Needs Assessment Study
223. Main Focus: Pakistan: Primary and Secondary Education Quality
Qualitative Research Study: Quality of Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
224. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Poverty reduction, capacity building, Network building involving NSAs
Assessment of NSA call for Proposals 132-199.
225. Main Focus: Georgia: Economic, social and regional development
Formulation Mission for PRDP Projects, Georgia
226. Main Focus: Lao PDR: Food Security
Final Analysis Studies- Food Security for Woman and Rural Poor
227. Main Focus: Philippines: Governance & Local Governance Watch System
Technical Assistance for the Development of DILG-LGA Volunteer Program and Local Governance Watch System-The Philippines
228. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Cultural & natural heritage, gender & environment
Promoting Cultural and Natural Heritage in Ethiopia.
229. Main Focus: Pakistan: Human, civil & socio-political rights
Identification Mission for HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAMME – Pakistan
230. Main Focus: Cambodia: Livestock Production, Livelihoods & Rural Development
Post-evaluation of the Smallholder Livestock Production Program (SLPP) in Cambodia
231. Main Focus: Kenya: MDGs 1, 4, 5 and 7, i.e. Poverty & Food Security, Health, Environment and Basic Sanitation
Technical Assistance for Programming Support for Kenya under the MDG Initiative (
232. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Informal Economy, Urban Poverty, Child Labour
Documentation on the Urban Informal Economy Project of ILO by profiling implementation modality of seven key project components for elimination of child labour from urban informal sector.
233. Main Focus: Macedonia: Personal Data Protection Right, Human Rights
Support for Drafting of Strategic Documents and Corresponding Action Plans, including Media Awareness Research for Improved Implementation of the Personal Data Protection Right
234. Main Focus: Bangladesh: A secondary review based sector study on Jute
A Secondary Review based Study on Jute Sector of Bangladesh
235. Main Focus: Indonesia: Justice and Law Enforcement
EU Support to Law Enforcement and Justice in Indonesia
236. Main Focus: Indonesia: Public Finance Management (PFM)
Evaluation of EU supports to Indonesia's Public Finance Management (PFM)
237. Main Focus: Yemen: Evaluation Study - Health Development
Evaluation Study - Health Development Councils Yemen
238. Main Focus: Philippines: Migration Management
Formulation Mission on improving the Migration Management System of the Philippines
239. Main Focus: Gambia: Access to Justice and Legal Education
Formulation of Governance Programme in the Gambia: Component “Access to Justice and Legal Education”
240. Main Focus: Pakistan: Education Sector Support
Sindh Education Sector Support Programme: Identification Mission.