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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
301. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health and Family Planning: Legal and Management Compliance Audit
Legal and Management Compliance audit of AVSC Bangladesh
302. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Women Development and Democracy Promotion
Technical Assistance (TA) in developing new project proposal and a set of concept papers.
303. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Community Health
The Role and Status of Rural Medical Practitioners in Bangladesh
304. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Gender, Health, Governance, Environment, and Education
Evaluation of Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)
305. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Local Governance and Health
An Assessment of the functional effectiveness of Thana Project Committee.
306. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Job-market of UCEP technical school graduates
Tracer Study and Job-market Situation analysis of the UCEP technical school leavers.
307. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Population, AIDS, and Child Health
Project formulation studies on Population, AIDS, and Child Health.
308. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Handicrafts
Management Development Assessment (MDA) and Performance Evaluation Study of EDM Supported Handicrafts Project.
309. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Handicrafts
Workshop on Post-Evaluation Vision Exercise Workshop for the EDM-Supported Handicrafts Project Staff.
310. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Final Management and Performance Evaluation of two EDM supported Boys' Homes
311. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Rural Development
Mid-term Management and Community Level Impacts evaluation study of the Shaturia Integrated Rural Development Program
312. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Mid-term Management and Performance Evaluation Study of two EDM supported Boys' Homes.
313. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Management and Performance of Boys' Homes
Follow-up study of mid-term Management and Performance Evaluation of two EDM Supported Boys' Homes.
314. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Health: Legal and Management Support
Legal and Management Services for Registration of Engender Health, former AVSC International.
315. Main Focus: China: Trade Policies
Anticipating The Impact Of China's Trade Policies On The EU
316. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Security, Nutritional health & Rural Poverty
"Formulation of Food Security 2012 Bangladesh Programme"-Bangladesh
317. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Economic Empowerment of Women-Market Survey, Baseline and Mapping Study
Market Survey, Baseline Data Gathering and Mapping Study for Women's Economic Empowerment in Four Pilot Areas of Ethiopia
318. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour, Basic Education, Technical & Vocational Education
Designing Action Program Summary Outlines (APSO) on preparation for formal education and skills development training and raising awareness that aims to reduce hazardous child labour in urban informal sectors in a sustainable manner.
319. Main Focus: Philippines: M&E and Food Facility
Monitoring of Food Facility Projects in the Philippines
320. Main Focus: Egypt: Child Labour and Education
Mid-Term Evaluation Enhancing Access of Children to Education and Fighting Child Labour in Egypt