A house of consultants, managers, researchers, trainers & system analysts


Jobs and Consultancies:

In addition to participating in different bids in the bilateral, UN & other multilateral donors, INGOs, foundations, public and private sector agencies; we have regular wide-ranging collaborations with many Europe and Northern America based agencies to have the potentials of positioning you in the projects and organizations active around the world.

We are always open to receive your updated resume. We have regular practice of reviewing our consultants' roster and we share it with our overseas partners. If you are selected or short-listed for a position, our development section will contact you.

If you have at least five years, or less but otherwise impressive, experiences in any of the following fields, please send your updated resume to the following email addresses:

[email protected]

The areas of specialization and our interest:

  • Primary Health Care
  • Health and Population
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Primary Education
  • Non-formal Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Technical and Vocational Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Micro-credit
  • Micro-enterprise development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
  • NGO Facilitation
  • Agriculture/rural development
  • Nutrition
  • Social Sector Development
  • SME
  • Statistics/Surveys
  • Preparation of Contract and Bidding documents
  • Agriculture/Natural Resource development
  • Development of Training Materials
  • Economic and Financial Analysis of Projects for sustainability
  • Empowerment (of women and the poorest)
  • External Communications
  • Gender Issues
  • Health Sector Development
  • Hospital and Clinic Facilities
  • Human Resource Development
  • Internal Communications
  • International Relations
  • Labour/Manpower Procurement
  • Management Training
  • Refugees and depressed group advancements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Rural Sociological studies to combat poverty and ignorance
  • Skills Training
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training of Trainers
  • Training Programmes
  • Urban Development and Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Crop Production & Diversification
  • Engineering
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Farming Systems
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Further Education
  • Housing
  • Human rights and Law
  • Industry
  • Information Technology
  • Irrigation
  • Marine/Coastal Ecology
  • New and Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Pollution
  • Power generation
  • Project design
  • Project management/support
  • Public Sector Development
  • Rural Development
  • Schools Sector
  • Soils/Land Use
  • Systems Design/Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Training
  • Transport
  • Water Resource Development
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Urban development