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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
1. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Fund Management, Capacity Building of CSOs
Nagorikata - Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) Project
2. Main Focus: Sierra Leone: Sustainable economic development and Job creation, Monitoring and Evaluation
Strengthen the Monitoring and Information Framework of the Jobs and growth program; and Ensure communication and visibility on results and performance of the J&G programme in and out of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
3. Main Focus: Indonesia: Renewable Energy, Feasibility Study
Indonesia Wind farm feasibility study
4. Main Focus: Myanmar: Education and TVET
Support to the Implementation of the European Union action “Youth Training and Leadership Opportunities” in Myanmar
5. Main Focus: Lebanon: Monitoring & Evaluation, Social Protection
Third Party Monitoring of the Lebanon Social Protection Projects for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese Population
6. Main Focus: Rwanda: Green Economy, Economic Transformation, Economic intelligence
Technical Assistance to Support the Rwanda Development Board to Enhance Business Environment and Attractiveness of Rwanda for Investment
7. Main Focus: Bangladesh, Nepal: Climate Finance, Energy (EE & RE), Financial Sector development
TA-6930 REG: Accelerating Climate Finance Investments through the Financial Sector in Bangladesh and Nepal - 01 Climate Finance Study (56009-001)
Bangladesh and Nepal
8. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Health & Nutrition, Gender Equality, Capacity building
Technical Assistance to Support the Ministry of Health and Regions to manage the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) for Gender Equality program in Ethiopia
9. Main Focus: Chile, Costa Rica, Panama and Uruguay: Global Gateway Investment Agenda, Fair Green Transition, Digital transformation, Human development, Health Resilience and Vaccines
Strengthen the Global Gateway Investment Agenda Development and Implementation in Latin America and the Caribbean
Chile, Costa Rica, Panama & Uruguay
10. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy, eGovernment Strategy
Developing an eGovernment Strategy & Government Enterprise Architecture for Ethiopia
11. Main Focus: Jordan: Public Administration, Institutional Development & Capacity building, Human Resources
Technical Assistance to Support the Transitional Stage of Establishing Service and Public Administration Commission in Jordan
12. Main Focus: Vietnam: Gender Equity & Mainstreaming, Governance & Capacity development, Private sector development
TA-6734 VIE: Public–Private Partnerships, Private Sector Development, and State-Owned Enterprise Reform - Women-focused Research and Capacity Building (54445-001)
13. Main Focus: Egypt: Implementation of Civil Society Roadmap, Strengthening the Capacities of CSOs
Operationalization of the EU Civil Society Roadmap for Strengthening the role of CSOs as EU Strategic Partners in Egypt
14. Main Focus: Ukraine: Promotion of Circular Economy Tools and Policies
Circular Economy - Promotion of Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns in Ukraine
15. Main Focus: Lao PDR: Agriculture, Food security, Agricultural Finance, Rural Development
ADB: P57123-001: Preparing The Sustainable Agrifood Systems Sector Project in Lao PDR
16. Main Focus: Myanmar: Implementation of Strategic Communications
FWC Services for The Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018
17. Main Focus: South Sudan: Education, Monitoring & Evaluation
End line Evaluation Girls’ Education South Sudan (GESS II) Project
South Sudan
18. Main Focus: Ethiopia: Value Chain and Supply Chain Management
EU Legislation on Global Value Chain Sustainability in Ethiopia - under Lot 2
19. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Emergency Management Response, Urban Planning and Development, Development of Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS)
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Urban Resilience Project (URP) for the Ministry of Planning (Planning Commission/Programming Division/Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit)
20. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity Development, Urban Primary Health care services, Climate change
Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project-Additional Financing (UPHCSDP-AF) - Strengthening of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) [Package/Contract Number: SD-01]