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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
241. Main Focus: Yemen: Governance & Human Rights
Evaluation of SHARAKA YEMEN Programme and Formulation of a Major Governance Programme for the Republic of Yemen.
242. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Analysis of the Trend and Country Responses to Child Labour and Way Forwards
Country Response to Child Labour and Way Forwards
243. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Capacity analysis of Dhaka City Corporation to implement a major child labour project
Capacity Needs Assessment of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC).
244. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
Comparative assessment of EC Supported Food Security interventions in Bangladesh.
245. Main Focus: Bangladesh: UNCRC article specific national child protection monitoring system designing.
Assessment of Feasibility of Management Information System and establishment of Child Protection IMS and M&E under the Department of Social Services (DSS), Ministry of Social Welfare (MSW)
246. Main Focus: Lesotho: Identification and formulation Study on Orphan & Vulnerable children in Lesetho, Africa.
Technical Assistance to conduct the Identification and Formulation of a €27M Human Development Programme.
247. Main Focus: Belgium: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security-Global Call
Support to Evaluation of the Call for Proposals EuropeAid/xxx/C/ACT/Multi-launched in May 2009 under the Food Facility Regulation.
248. Main Focus: Kenya: Evaluation of proposals focused on Food Facility/Food Security in Kenya.
Support to the European Commission Delegation in Kenya for the evaluation of full grant applications in the framework of the Call for Proposal « Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development, Actions in partner countries » Kenya
249. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Non-formal Primary Education
Mid-term review of ongoing and formulation of future non-formal primary education programme in Bangladesh
250. Main Focus: Asia and Africa: International Response to the Avian Influenza (Ai) Crisis-GRAI-covering seven countries in Asia and Africa.
Outcome and impact assessment (Asia) of the international response to the avian influenza (AI) crisis
Asia and Africa
251. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Project proposals assessment: SMILING programme
Assess project proposals submitted in response to the second EC Call for Proposals under Small Initiatives by Local Innovative NGOs (SMILING) programme.
252. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC Education Support: Secondary Education
Sector Review and Identification Mission for Secondary Education EC Education Support under MIP 2009-2010 in Bangladesh
253. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Food Security
Formulation of EC Food Security Programme 2009 in Bangladesh.
254. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Primary Education in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)
Formulation and Evaluation Mission of Support to Primary Education in Chittagong Hill Tracts – Phase II
255. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Child Labour Monitoring System
Resource Mapping and Situational Analysis for Development of a National Child Labour Monitoring System
256. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Environment and Public Health Care
Preparing the Urban Primary Health Care Sector Development Program in Bangladesh.
257. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Bangladesh Labour Assessment
Second Phase of Analytical Work: The Role of Labor in the Foreign Assistance Framework, Bangladesh Labor Assessment.
258. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Corporate Governance
Assessment of the Corporate Governance Strengthening Project (CGSP).
259. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Forced/Child Labour in the Production of Goods
In-country Research and Data Collection on Forced Labor and/or Child labor in the Production of Goods in Bangladesh.
260. Main Focus: Bangladesh: EC assistance to the health sector
Evaluation of EC support to health sector policy development and the fight against poverty related diseases.