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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
121. Main Focus: Pakistan: Sindh Education Support
"Identification Mission for Sindh Education Support"
122. Main Focus: Maldives: Solid Waste & Environmental Management
Preparation of the project completion Evaluation report of the Maldives Environmental Management Project
123. Main Focus: Jordan: Justice sector reform, budget support
Assessment of justice budget support benchmarks tranche 3 and 4 in Jordan
124. Main Focus: Bangladesh: TVET Reform
Final Evaluation of The Project TVET Reform in Bangladesh
125. Main Focus: Cambodia: SMEs in the Agro Industry Sector
Evaluation of the EU-IFC Programme for the Development of SMEs in the Agro Industry Sector in Cambodia
126. Main Focus: Zimbabwe: Gender Analysis
Gender Analysis: Country Gender Profile Zimbabwe
127. Main Focus: Palestine: Water Sector Regulatory Council Establishment
Establishment and operation of the Water Sector Regulatory Council – Palestine
128. Main Focus: Philippines: Agriculture, Pest Identification and Pest Surveillance
Improved Capability of Pest Surveillance Officers on Pest Identification and Pest Surveillance for Fruits and Vegetables in the Philippines
129. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Blue / Marine Economy
EU-BGD Joint Collaboration on Blue Economy
130. Main Focus: Kyrgyzstan: Rule of Law, Transparency and Accountability
Mid-Term External Evaluation of the EU funded programme
131. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Urban Health and Nutrition
Technical Assistance (TA) to the MoHFW and to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperative for Urban Health and Nutrition in Bangladesh
132. Main Focus: Myanmar: European Union Engagement with Civil Society
Support to the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Myanmar Process
133. Main Focus: Rwanda: Agricultural Irrigation Systems
Technical Assistance in The Establishment of a Baseline of Agricultural Households Using Irrigation Systems
134. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Education & Skills Programme
Identification and Formulation of Education & Skills programme in Bangladesh
135. Main Focus: Nigeria: Support to Rule of Law
Support to Rule of Law in Nigeria Project
136. Main Focus: Zambia: Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock
Final Evaluation of the Performance Enhancement Programme (PEP) and Operationalization of PEP II
137. Main Focus: Palestine: Wastewater tariff, Operational & Maintenance study for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater tariff and update of Operational & Maintenance study in support of the Wastewater Treatment Plant for Tubas-Tayasir
138. Main Focus: Uganda: Oriented and Environmentally Sustainable Beef Meat Industry
Strategic Environmental Assessment of the 11th EDF Support to Developing a Market - Oriented and Environmentally Sustainable Beef Meat Industry in Uganda and Support to Promoting Commercial Aquaculture in Uganda projects
139. Main Focus: Bangladesh: Finance Safety Retrofits and Environmental Cpmpliance in Bangladesh RMG sector
TA-accompanying measure – Finance Safety Retrofits and Environmental Upgrades in the Bangladeshi Ready-Made garment (RMG) Sector
140. Main Focus: Zimbabwe: Agricultural and food security management information systems
Study of agricultural and food security management information systems in Zimbabwe