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SL Main Focus & Project Title Country
1. Main Focus: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Emergency Management Response, Urban Planning and Development, Development of Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS)
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Urban Resilience Project (URP) for the Ministry of Planning (Planning Commission/Programming Division/Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit)
2. Main Focus: Public Health and Nutrition
Evaluation of DCI-ASIE/2010/21-730- Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector
3. Main Focus: Civil Society & NGOs, Decentralization & Local Development
Civil Society and Local Authorities (CSO-LA) in Development Programme Monitoring in Armenia 2018-2019
4. Main Focus: Gender Inequality
Gender Country Profile for Palestine - Update and Extension of the Existing Analysis in the Framework of the EU Joint Programming in Palestine
5. Main Focus: Justice Reform, Law
Ex-Post (final) External Evaluation of the EU funded project "Promotion of Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic
6. Main Focus: Labor Migration
Support to the Management of Labor Migration in Ethiopia (SMLME) Project
7. Main Focus: Food Security, Agriculture and Value chain
TA-9218 REG: Agriculture Market Specialist (50058-001) [Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan]
Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan
8. Main Focus: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Mid Term Review - Water Tower Protection and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (WaTER) Programme
9. Main Focus: Development of Green Economy
Final Evaluation of Two Operations of The Programme "Green Economy in Belarus"
10. Main Focus: Training, Law
Training and Capacity Building for the Attorney General's Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
11. Main Focus: Civil Society & NGOs, Public Administration
Identification and Formulation mission for Assistance to Cooperation Mechanisms at Federal and Provincial level in provinces of Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan
12. Main Focus: Human Rights, Democracy
Evaluation of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Country Based Support Schemes (CBSS) 2011-2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina
13. Main Focus: Justice Reform, Law
Supporting the Government of Azerbaijan in preparation for implementation of the Annual Action Programme 2016 via Modernization of mediation system in line with EU best practices
14. Main Focus: Gender Analysis in the Electricity Sector
Gender Analysis for the Electricity Sector in Liberia
15. Main Focus: Job Creation
Detailed Formulation and Feasibility Study of a Programme on job Creation in Mindanao (Philippines)
16. Main Focus: Juvenile Justice Reform
EU Support to Juvenile Justice in Kosovo
17. Main Focus: Water & Sanitation, Monitoring & Evaluation
Evaluation of the Kampala Sanitation Program - Sanitation Measures for Enhanced Basic Sanitation Coverage and Protection of Lake Victoria - Uganda
18. Main Focus: Civil Society, Governance
Enhancing Civil Society Organizations and LA Contributions to Governance and Development Processes in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
19. Main Focus: Gender, Social Development
Gender Analysis in Lebanon
20. Main Focus: Human rights, Rule of law
Support to the EU-Mongolia Human Rights Dialogue